We Customize Service

Inspection & Testing


Protecting your people, facilities, and assets from fire is a fundamental responsibility of any business. Completing regularly scheduled inspections and testing of your fire protection systems is an important segment of any overall fire protection program. A Preventative Maintenance Program will cost effectively maintain the integrity of your systems, while also meeting the requirements mandated by national, state, and local fire agencies, including insurance providers. Consolidated Fire Protection provides customized plans to fit the needs of your facilities and beyond with the following advantages:

Preventative Maintenance Plans with CFP

  • One Point of Contact – dedicated account representative to handle your portfolio
  • Customer Portal – customized for your operational needs
  • Customized Reporting – site specific information organized for you to understand
  • 24 hour / 365 Days / 7 days a week – we are not a call center!
  • IVR Reporting real time surveillance at your fingertips 
  • All work completed per NFPA code requirements
  • National coverage or Regional if requested

Service & Repair


We pride ourselves on excellent communication and always being available when you need us most. Our family of companies and qualified partners have unparalleled resources to service or repair any Fire and Life Safety system required, even during emergencies.

When repairs are necessary we are here to help. We can provide unbiased recommendations that meet operational needs, that get you up an running quickly. Our main goal is to protect your people and facilities without the need to commit to a service provider that only offers proprietary equipment and operating software. In short, you get quality service and repairs at an affordable price. 

Design & Engineering


In an ever changing world, a design today might not meet your needs tomorrow. At Consolidated Fire Protection, system flexibility is our goal. We design systems that can be easily modified to meet the needs of future business growth or tenant improvements. The system we design and install today will be a viable and expandable system tomorrow.

Our team of project managers, designers, and engineers work closely with you from the beginning to understand your project objective. Having Minimax and Viking in our family, we have access to the latest fire and sprinkler technology, allowing us to design a state of the art project like no one else. Your design will meet all engineering specifications and insurance requirements; as well as the latest national, state, and local fire codes.

Construction & Retrofit


Whether you need new construction or retrofit for an existing building, our experts are here to help. We provide a wide variety of fire protection and life safety systems with the highest quality design, fabrication, and installation services to meet your project demands. Our vast knowledge of fire protection systems helps us provide you with recommendations of equipment that is certified, reliable, and effective in keeping your employees and facilities safe.

Our professional installers have formal training of the equipment, codes, and standards specified for your project. Experienced supervisors direct the careful installation and testing of the fire protection equipment and components.

Our project coordinators oversee scheduling and monitor all communication ensuring that your project is completed on time and within budget. Meeting the needs of your project and hitting those deadlines is our commitment to you.



We provide 24 hour central station monitoring for all life safety events. We program your systems to communicate trouble signals directly to the local fire department, our central station monitoring service, and your authorized company representative. Enabling constant management, and communication of any emergency signal to be seen, heard, and handled immediately.